The ATTIC TENT – the low cost, easy to install solution to heat loss from your attic door

The Attic Tent is specifically designed to create an air barrier between your attic and the living space below. Suitable for most types of folding stairs the Attic Tent is an economical and practical solution to an old age problem of unnecessary air infiltration and heat loss.

Even if your attic is well insulated, the folding stairs that provide access can be a major source of heat loss. Often poorly sealed, they provide only a thin piece of plywood to keep the heated air from escaping.

Homeowners have attempted to remedy the age old problem of leaky trap door by placing insulation on top of it, but unfortunately it never solves the problem. This technique doesn't provide an airtight barrier and results in no reduction in the amount of air or heat loss. By using Attic Tent you solve this problem by significantly reducing heat loss and air infiltration. The Attic Tent is professionally packed, and comes fully assembled and ready to install.

The benefits of using the Attic Tent…

  • Creates an air tight barrier
  • Easy to install
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Improves thermal performance
  • Saves you money
  • Made from very durable, lightweight insulation material
  • Easy and strong zipper access
  • Tried and tested in thousands of homes
  • Can be used with attic stairs and doors
  • Suitable for dormer knee walls
  • Up to seven different sizes available
  • Prevents harmful dust and fiberglass entering the living space.

Attic Tent is the Solution

Revised Part L of the current Building Regulations place more emphasis on the need to prevent Air Infiltration and “seal around access or service hatches which provide access to unheated voids (loft spaces) from the conditioned space.

By using Attic Tent you solve this problem by significantly reducing this air leakage and heat loss, to create a more comfortable living space while also lowering your energy bills. The Attic Tent also prevents unwanted fibers and dust from entering the home.

Knee (Dormer) Wall Access Door

A regular source of heat loss and air infiltration is through the knee wall access door. This is an area used for additional storage in dormer roofs. The installation of an Attic Tent will prevent the movement for air from the ventilated eaves into the heated room.


The Attic Tent is easy to install. It fits easily around your attic stairs frame and can be secured with staples to any surface, smooth or rough. It is recommended that you place a bead of mastic around the seam for additional air tightness. Alternatively you can use a quality double sided tape to secure the Attic Tent to the timber surface. Available in 7 different sizes as listed below:

Type Width Length Height

insulating an agricultural barn